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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 3/6/17 - Thursday 3/10/16 Eviction Day

POV Ceremony

Chrisitne iif i used it on Loveita si could slip in a favor if i used it on sharry she's an aggressive player.. and i could hide behind her

jard if christine used it i could put up dallas for playing both sides

Sharry well christine i feel that there is 2 components.. a human level and a player level and i am loyal and got to know you

Loveita i cant into this house to play this game and you should use it on me only if it helps your game

Christine i have decided not to use the pov i feel you both earned your spot on the block and i don't want to disturb that

Loveita the thought of campaigning against my friend is heart breaking

sharry to say i deserved to be on the block from someone who say F the game im going to stay here and blow your battle ship out of the water
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