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Default Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18

Ryan do you feel that it's red room vs white room

paras oh yeah.. I would say Liv is very smnart and im scared of her.. she just listens and much smarter she leads on

Ryan someojne said she is in law school

paras yeah i heard that.. and i feel taht erica has a good rech.. she has johnny

ryan i think Liv is the most dangerous s and smartest.. you put those 2 together you can have other poeople play for you

paras if you put her up id vote her out

ryan you would

ANdrew ryan's called everyone up but not us.. but the writing is on the wall

hamza this is all your boy ryna's falt.. he;'s never going to get in with them

hamza if we go against the house we'd have more numbers but they are too afraid

hamza Dr if i hear we want to do what the house wants im going to lose my mind

Andrew im going to go listen in on them

hamza i figured nominate myself this way im not getting backdoored

hamza to ryan put me up

Ryan done

ryan asking to be nominated is asking to be evicted.. have you never watched this show ..

ryan you are going up

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