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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19

Quick recap while i was away:

Ricky tamar and lolo all agree that dina needs to go. Lolo likes that Kandi and Dina are gaming but she wishes she had the energy yesterday after winning the veto to have those conversations.(asthma flare up) And they all give props for them trying now.

Tamar covered her tracks with ricky telling him that she is good with him and ricky assured her that nothing had changed between them. however ricky made a f2 deal with kandi and didnt tell tamar. kandi hasn't had time alone with tmar to tell her this and im not sure she will.

Kandi studied the memory wall most likely counting votes on who she would win out over. kandi told both Lolo and Ricky that she would fair best with both of them in the f2. and that Dina would win hands down with votes if she was in the final.
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