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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19

Feeds back with dina and tamar end thier convo with yeah yeah yeah

ricky back in with kandi

kandi i didnt think about the game at this point and this far..

ricky laughs. i know you didnt.

kandi i dont know what your plan is at the end. over all you in my mind you have a better chance again me over anyone else. yoo would not be splitting your room vote

ricky im not looking at numbers. and i dont think it's over confidence. im jsut thinking that i can let my game speak for myself and if people think they are more deserving. then let them

ricky this is why i like last season. marissa wasnt thinking on who she can beat otherwise she'd pick mark.. she was about honoring her thing with ross.. and i think about tamar and lolo and they are in it for themselves.. and what i will say to you. the offer i can make. if it comes to a tie. and i keep you id appreciate it if you picked me for f2.. but since you said you'd do it anyway. it's a moot point and i think that you are right with your math

kandi this is interesting. im cracking up that i got this far

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