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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/23/18

JC: whatever happens it's what meant to be.

tyler: that's right

JC; if she wins and picks you i will be happy for you

tyler and if she wins and picks you i will be happy for you

JC; i feel bad that i didnt do my part.... im definitely not going to go to her and tell her shit about you. im very confident that you are going to win nwo

tyler If kaycee gets the 1st one right then she will probably win

JC: shut up tyler

JC you know that if i wont that part 3 there is noway i wouldnt take you. we had our ups and downs but we always talked it out.. like an old relationship like take it out.

tyler: you confused them and took them out

JC; i always told them lies on thruways and i had to to just sit and not say anything

tyler: they said to me that JC is always confused when thrudays comes

they laugh

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