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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

paraas if we can get derek out obviously we take him out

will i'll take all the temptations i like shaving your head and stuff

kaela is filling in derek

HG's must be on inside lockdown

kaela poaras said that maddy threw her under the bus.. i didnt tell her so i guess that maddy old her.. when she asked her.. Paras knew i wasn't going to send maddy over her.. good on maddy for doing that

kaela paras said taht maddy's got people in jury.. that she will convince you that she doesnt ahve and that maddy is strategic and paras said that maddy schemed with johnny all the time

derek how did the veto thing come up

kaela will did he was heated.. this is how he did it which is 100% true.. i jsut didnt think that they would win the veto..

Derek there is no way they made that up to tell us.. so maddy has to go

kaela i think that paras can lie aobut it.. but not will and will swore on his son.. i think that paras will save will

derek it made our decisuion easy we were going to save maddy in a sing of good faith.. and she is probably pissed about loosing hoh agsint to us..

keala she said that she is going to win the mental hoh next week and that ono one is picking me and that no one is picking me and she said i'll pick you..

derek so she lied to your face

akela yeah when in the end she was scheming to get you out.. but i didnt think that they would win the veto

derek she shared that with paras and will

kaela they want her out now

derek yeah they dont care they want to get to next week.. maddy wants to win.. and paras/will will take each other to the end

kaela if it's a mental run around

derek i beat her in one but i got lucky.. or did i?
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