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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

maddy youa re not going to be on the block on thursday

paras whatever chance we had theya re going to gun for it cuz now will told me

maddy it will be me on the block and it;'s ok.. im going to bring my stuff in here

paras if that si what yo want.. i dont want that

maddy will does..

paras he jsut feels bad for what you did to me..

maddy in know.. would it make you feel better if i talked to will

paras no im fine

mady the game got to me.. i dont deserve this $100,000

parsa dont say that

maddy you were the one person that i gvae my word to.. and the game got to me and all the things youa re feleing now i felt yesterday'

paras.. 6 times i saved you.. (back to crying) i chose you over them.. every time

maddy i know.. i see what i done..
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