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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

parasa i wasn't even studying this entire game,. i was strategizing.. everything i did was to save my people

maddy back gives paras a hug you didt deserve it

paras i wish i played harder.. if im going to go out like this

maddy youa re not going out like this.. the only way you are going if yopu have votes to evict yo.. if youa re on the block it will be with me and people will keep you.. and i already gave you my word i will keep you

paras kaela told johnny dfor days that she anted me ot thtat i have the best social game in the house

maddy you do

paras dont beleive anything that will says i think hyoua re amazing.. and i dont want you to leve the room tonight.. im hurt.. and feel played

maddy iw ill and the game got to me

paras back to crying.. i was just trying to protect yo.. everything i did was to protect you..

maddy i know

paras everything i said was the truth

maddy if there is a veto tomorrow and that youa re doing well in and im doing well in y8ou are going to win tha veto

paras no we are not playing that way'

maddy eyah we are.. we are going to make sure that youa re save.. but you dont have to beleive me

paras i dont want that i want the one who is off the block to win

maddy will and i are done..

paras i was so sure that you weren't going to betray me

maddy and i thought you played me

paras it';s going to cost me the title and the game and $100,000

maddy you're not even on teh block

paras and it wont happen cuz will spilled it.. i said leave it. theywerent gunning for the veto.. he hears how much i talk about you and when he has doubts

paras why would i take will

maddy cuz you can beat him.. and that is what a lot of people said you said.

paras i never uttered those words to anyone

maddy i never said you were baggage and hen everyone told me.. yuou called me all those things..
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