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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

WIll we go and make a deal with them and get maddy out we say that maddy was going to keep ali

paras no she was the 1st one to tell kaela she was going to keep her..

paras she knows she cant beat derek

will she know we are against her and she is alone in teh game..

maddy when you guys are ready i'll ahve a conversation with you

will come in

maddy is there anything else yo want to ask about

paras i feel stupid. i stuck out my neck for you and i treated you like a sister.. and you are not sorry.. i never felt so betrayed by someone. i threw away my game

m,addy no yu are not

will yes you are maddy

paras 4 evictions i stuck out my neck for you..

maddy i know

will why you smiling.. iu hope you get on that block youa re alone in teh game.. and i can bring them to the f4

paras we saved you ..

maddy and then you said it was so stupid

Will when we get to jury you wont get our votes..

maddy i know.. i should ahve talked to you guys.. when you guys said y8ou were stupid.. i thought that was directed at me

will you twisted thatr

paras we stuck out our nck

will you cant win a comp cuz you come in 2nd and you are shitting in this come.. and you know ali liv ryan and us youa re not winning

maddy that is alright

apras im not here to shit on you i never felt so bad.. you manipulated me..

maddy i never did.. i thought y8ou guys were manipulating me.
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