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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

WIll i called her a piece of she she did play you i told you fuck her.. we dont need her.. fuck her..

paras i stuck out my neck for her for 4 weeks

will we'll talk to kaela

paras no she will say more stuff on us she has on us

paras no incase she wins..

will no she is not going to win..

Will i said to her i hope yo feel alone and hope you are a lone in teh game.

will i said why what happened. and she said she told kaela the truth that you guys didnt know till last minute on the couch..

will we should move her stuff over here

pars no we have to stay neutral if she wins veto she can save us

will she won save us paras.. i knew we shoulda saved johnny i knew it

paras i think she told them i was saying that it was a stupid call. she said what she had to to save her own ass

will she is alone

paras everything i did was to protect the 3 of us.. every thing i got close to other girls to make sure she was safe cuz she wasn't close to them

will her are 2 jury votes she's not getting

paras she;'s not getting mine

paras i feel so dumb..

paras now she will spill

will whats left that was spilled that we didnt say

paras she will say whats left

paras wow.. you shoul;d just play for yourself..
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