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Default Re: Recap Shows Wednesday 10/5/16 - Tuesday 10/11/16

Safety ceremony

Mote time to get blood on my hands but i can deal with it

json and danielle have been nominated

Monte yo are a vet that makes you a threat.. danielle everyne likes you you will be able to fight .. nothing perosnal

danielle up and walks away

neeley this is awkward.. i need a drink

danielle im surprised im nominated im friendw with the HOH's best firned.. tim he for my son and i fel taht im letting hoim down.. even if im the pawn.. the pawn goes home

shane jason is a bigger target. adn they want him out

danielle i feel that he has a better social game .. i ahve to win veto.. maybe monte will win it and take me off or he wants me to go cuz you are close to him

Shne i kew it was coming she needs to talk to monte and it will be ok

jason no surprise to me..
Neeley i dont want to see another siste go home and you jason

jason what im not a siste?

jason DR i kew i was going to be nominated.. but it's so annoying
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