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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/30/16

paul .. james you're in the doghouse

nat no he's not

nat.. why you staring at me.. what...

james 27 days left

natalie you haven't made me feel better you keep doing things i dont like..

james it seems like im doing alot of things that you dont like lately

natlie y8oou already know that i dont like to be scsared..

james it was just a joke

natlie it makes me anxious.. and im already upset.. and i conteplated leaving a couple of times and you know taht

james its almost over..

natlie i know im not going to win this game.. so why am i going to work any more at it

james you dont know that.. make the best of it

natlie i am.. but it's exhausting

james youa re making it exhausting

james we are getting paid to lay out.

natlie you didnt have the whole house after you, talking about you.. put you down.. i feel so freaking fat.. i dont feel beautiful and i feel so disgusting.. and that's whats on my mind.. and it's exhausting.. and i just want to be at home with people who love me
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