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Default Re: Aired Eviction Show Thursday 4/19/18

Arisa Ryan is feeling pretty safe and johnny is working hard to arise form the ashes

derek i can see people thinking of johnny if i say .. it will go unanimous most will do what the hoh wants.. from what i think

ryan yeah

Ali right now the house is going to keep ryan. i need to get johnny focused to get will

Ali you have to get will and say that you want to 2 duos

Johnny to will ryan was slandering you and didnt want you int aem

will i dont care about ryan

johnny they think that derek is your bro now..

Will is ali/liv on board to keep you

johnny yeah

will i'll get them

Johnny did you ahve anything with daekla

ali no.. they wwere never coming after us..

Will i'll talk to paras.. but i want to be your number 1

johnny you wee always that
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