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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/1/16 - Thursday Eviction Day 5/5/16

Kelsey you amde a game move agsitn someone i respected and valued

cass i made the game move agsitn you. i told jared to fgight in the veto and he didnt he didnt wnt to cut his hair and he's out

cass in DR everyone is claiming they played a game of integrity. everyone is playing dirty

kelsey your kinda loyal was working till one things happens.. maybe in BB world you are loyal

cass no one knows that im loyal to the threakshow i jsut dont talk about it

tim cass you know that i will always vote for you to win the show

cass im not emotional girl but the thing is they are all pointing their fingers at me and it's getting to me

tim we have to change kelsey from a heart player to a head player and now taht jared is gone she doesnt want 2nd anymore
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