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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday Double Eviction Results 9/16/18

HOH BB Flix n chill

You will hear a group of friends talk about the movie. what they are saying are clue s to the one movie they are talking about.

JC; im freaking out. the person im working with put me on the block. i have to win

tyler: JC isnt happy no telling what he will do if he wins. i need kaycee or angela to win this

1) grumnpy cold men everyone correct but angela was 1st to ring in. she gets 1 point

kaycee this is super hard.. i dont even know..

2) tooth or dare. angela 1st to ring in with correct answer

angela 2 points

3)Dude where's my veto JC gets a point

4) Boogie nights. Sam gets a point

angela 2 JC 1 Sam 1

5) Lawonderful life Sam gets a point

angela tied with angela with 2 points

6) The regulators all correct.. angela rings in 1st gets a point

angela 3 sam 2 jc 1 kaycee 0

Angela buzzes in before she hears all the answers


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