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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday Double Eviction Results 9/16/18

Day 86

kaycee top 5 baby!!

JC DR Im annoiyed. i shoudl be hapy but imnot. im in shock. this si the 1st time in the house that a move was made and i dint n know about it and it's pising me off

angela DR brett was trying to bresk up our allainnce .. he tried too soon. you stay loyal and you stay in the house

Tyler: this just happened brett went out the door. when i won the hoh i ahd to set up the blan to get brett out.. i had to let brett feel super comfortbale and told him we will put up sam,/jc and then get up kayce. i knew that angela and kaycee would be down with it so i let them in on the plan

** this plan was set up with all 3 of them days before eviction day.**

Tyler tells JC to trust him

JC; i trust you i trust you the whole game..

Sam to tyler: angela si a total bitch.. she was a have not one time she acts like she can do whatever she wants and im a good person.. i deserve to be here

Angela wins POV and uses it on JC

tyler puts up brett

JC: i was surprised that tyler put up brett. it was the 1st time i didn't know what was going on in this game

Brett: what happened man.

tyler: sorry brother

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