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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 8/9/18

Day 51 inside the BB house

Angela using the veto to BD bay was a no brainer. i will do anything to win the veto tyler wasn't going to stay on the block. id do anything for tyle

haleigh it's insane to hear angela speak with such confidence that bayleigh is the hacker

bay; i am not the hacker. it was stupid and now you look dumb on tv congrats angela you're trash

bay to tyler what are you doingng.. why are you doing this to me.. im not the hacker

bay talk to me.. Im not the hacker

tyler why? you are going home anyway you got the power.. cancel my vote.. im openly telling you to evict me

haleigh having this conversation with bay she is getting accused for something i did as a gamer i am in too deep
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