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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/12/16

Recap backpost feeds 3/4 8:45pm

tim took a tea tree oil bath and was talking to nikki..

tim raul has the ability to turn it around and plays the sympathetic way, people will fall for that and vote for him to stay

nikki i think he was playing that already after he ate..

tim oh? will others fall for that

nikki he wasn't having a meltdown when he was in the pool the other night

8:52 Tim i kinda instigated him into doing that

nikki how

tim i sid why dont you ahve a bite.. and i dont know why they didnt show that.. i really did tempt him to eat it..and i said that it was his last week and why doesnt he just do it.. and i looked down i didnt think he would do it and he snatched it from my hand.. and i dont think he woulda done it if i wasnt sitting there eating in front of him but if that is what i ahve to do to get him out of the game so be it. it was his own choice

tim initial impressions arent usually wrong and he never fooled me i went along with king raul and i didnt want to rock the boat and i thought he would come after me and he doesnt like to share the spotlight and what he thinks we ahve he wants.. and cass told me he planned to put me up and say this isnt BB australia this is BBcanada bitch and he wanted to have a tv moment and i didnt want to be the victim of someone's ego that's needing a bit of a fluff like mate you're on your own.

Tim i think he is very entertaining. i think he coulda done all that without being nasty

nikki yeah.. and i have done teh ahve not on my own..

tim you must be proud of what you've done

nikki i cant think about it right now.. when you did it you had jared who is a little more friendly

tim i talked to them about teh alcohol situation and that there wont be this excessive drinking if some nights we jsut had 1 glass.. would you find 1 glass of vodka relaxing

nikki yeah it takes the edge off and makes me think more rationally

tim this is a young house age and life experience wise.. it's very strange for me to feel one of teh most mature in the group me you jared.

nikki when they are sitting there whispering..

tim yeah.. we ahve to keep remembering that. its not really an issue

End back post 8:59pm
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