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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 11/8/16

Jason this is the veto meeting..

Whitney: jason if you use the veto on me i would appreciate it.. i respect yoru decisions

danielle id love to come off the block.. if you use it on me great, i support you..

alex jason i would you love for yo to use it on me and i would respect what yo do

jason i decide to use the veto on Danielle

jaosn since i took off one of my nomination i name there comes a time in the game where it's aobut individual strategy.. there is 2 things i cant forget the roaring cheers in the Sr and the unreliable loyalty you did to whitney and monte.. i have to nominate who you run with and that's morgan

morgan i jsut want to bring up that you came to us with a f5 deal and i wanted to bring that up

jason this veto meeting is adjourned
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