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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 11/8/16

What to know

Jason and Danielle have given false hope to Alex Morgan and Shelby by coming up with a plan to nominate Justin on the block and to evict Justin. THIS IS A LIE. He is going to nominate Morgan and they are voting out Alex

Shelby Morgan and Alex told jason and Danielle everything except their alliance name to get them to vote out Whitney. Offered a 2 week safety deal to both and care package negotiations if they vote out Whitney.

Jason and Danielle have no intentions of take any deals that the girls have made

Whitney has 100% been exposed but it doesnt matter because Jason Danielle Justin and Kryssie already had her on their side

The Ball Smashers are officially over

1pm Veto Ceremony

7pm Daily Recap

7:30 Live Dairy Room Sessions
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