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Default Re: Premier Night (2) Thursday Eviction Day 6/23/16

Vets up in HOH

Nicole im talking to see what options are open i need to see where paulie's head is at. i dont wnat to allineate someone i can work with all seaosn

paulie if i was HOH i would put up jozea

Nicole how would you insure it

Paulie i would put up Zakiyah

Noicokle what if she goes home

Frank can you go to bat man?

Paulie yeha i can as long as you dont put me up next week

Da' we have loyalty for sure if i say i got you i got you

paulie I want Jozea gone as much as they do im not sur why they would woant to risk someone like me

Nicole paulie has a point pawns do sometimes go home and i ahve to think things through
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