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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/18/18

kaela i wanted to talk to you alone.. derek and i are on differnt pages.. and we dont ahve the same thoughts.. i'll let you start

johnny i talked to derek that if he had weight in keeping me

akela i wanted ryan out for so long.. and i knwo everything that heppened with the lying.. and there is no way to knwo if you are truthful or not. it's teh game it's BB..

johnny yeah peole tell lies

kaela imo there is more benifits in keeping you over ryan

johnny i know ive been telling you

akela it's better for dereks game for you to go.. and ryan hasnt came to talk to me..

johnny you going to vote for me to stay

akaela i want to.. and im on your side.and i think i can get derek as well

johnny i wasnt sure what was going on and then after the veto

kaela cuz you almost beat him

johnny he seems like he is more open

kaela ive been talking t o derek .. ryan's told derek he wanted me gone and taht you said that you would keep him over me..

johnny no! he suggested and i went along with it
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