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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/18/18

paras it seems that the house is flipping.. and that maddy is on board.. i cant make up my mind.. etiher way the votes are there

ali i want the votes to be uunified or else it will be a mess

paras yeah then johnny will come for me

ali we dont want o be the 2 odd ones cuz it's bad for whoever

apras yeah you talk to kaela?

ali no i am going too. it's carey to keep ryan or johnny.. ryan will be on the back burner

paras i know im not on ryan's radar..

ali you're not on johnny's either

paras i think i am

ali we took out johnny's 31.. and he will be the #1 target.. but ryan staying then the dous' will be 31 targets..and then the next 2 weeks then the final

apras i want to know where kaela's head is out. i dont want to say anything the specific

ali i think i will that the house is feeling this way.. and that i ahve to do what is good for my game and it's good for them.. cuz no one will put johnny on the back burner and it guarantees that johnny will be up in the triple.and i do believe johnny wont come after us in the triple

paras i don't know maybe not you but me

ali it dont know i dont think it will be the end of the world if we go he said that im a big threat too to my face

paras do you want to talk to ehr 1st or you

ali i can lay down the seed work and then you can reiterate what im saying.. ive never been more confused

Paras i dont want to be playing anyone else's game it makes sense for you to keep him but not for me..

paras everyone has a reason to vote out ryan but me.. and that makes me a target with johnny

ali i want to be united so if you dont feel comfortable then i dont especially cuz we said taht we will ahve each others back.

paras i know that for you is to keep johnny
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