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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/15/18

BB App store. last chance to receive power app or crap app

Brett this will be huge. i need your help america

Brett denied

Angie denied

Kaycee Denied

Angela Denied

Scottie this would be fantastic for my game. im about to make a big move the more safety and protect the better

scottie access denied

haleigh I want to be in the middle of the pack. access granted sorry you are the least trending HG Crap app

Haleigh chose Read it

narrator for audio book for hamlet put on shakespeare outfit stand on soapbox. this continues till you are done with the entire book

tyler I got the cloud so i know i wont get anything

Sam: this is the last week i can use my power. and i dont know if i should let go and let god decide

Winston Denied
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