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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/15/18

Brett We are in trouble and i will say/do what i can to make sure we stay

Brett: it was me you winston and steve and he was one of my buddies .. now go to kaitlyn's hoh.. who was up here the whole time.. haleigh and rockstar.. chirp chirp chirp.. now i know wiston was up but you were expendable. they dint know what kaitlyn was going to do. haleigh and rockstar are flipping votes.. and you have to kill the head of the snake.. you want me to hang with you.. play foosball kick your ass in pool im here for ay man.

scottie: brett's charisma is insane.. im buying all he says. no matter what he says i want to believe.. it';s going to be difficult to not buy this

brett: ok man i will see you in the morning

Scottie alone. that has to be what a mist is. he;s so good.
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