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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/15/18

Angeal: it made sense for me to vote sam to stay

rachel: i voted for sam to stay

Haleigh: i kept steve

Rachel I dont want to tell you

haleigh kaycee? just kidding

Angeal: i dont see a big threat in the house
angie brett is always with winston. one is the head of the snake

tyler: what do you want to do?>

Scottie; im going to cut one from the other side

scottie even if there is a power i want it used

tyler DT this guy just named every person in level 6. like cancel that scottie

tyler: rockstar think that you were the one who flipped your vote

scottie; im not going for her .. I think you pluck one of the bro's out they scramble

tyler DR if i say too much it will be obvious im working with those guys
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