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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/18/16

Nick you are teh bigger brother you are supposed to be there for me

phil get out of my face. bye.. cya later.. bye bye bye

nick what a fucking bitch

tim OH SHUT UP .. i dont even know if this is real tim its just that you guys have spent too much time together and you exploded like a volcano. that's what we just saw.. it's not a weakness to say it ws stressed.. and it was a tough day with maddy and ramsey coming to you and your brother there.. it ws so many voices

Phil i cant see him or look at him..

tim i will look after

phil good that's your job

Tim leaves

Phil to himself. im not bullying that kid he's just a baby

Nick it's on Tv.. myt mom will be so embarrassed

kelsey it's fine it's jsut what brothers do
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