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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18

haleigh and fessy make out under teh covers

hal: DR My mom is going to kill me

kaitlyn who is in here? it looks like they are having sex/

Kaitlyn: DR I literally cant.. if they want to be with each other. it's so bad.. just so bad,

kaitlyn: fessy can can you get up adn tell me where my $85. bracelet is at?

kaitlyn is upset they are together she goes to tyler

kaitlyn people are pairing up scottie/steve, chris /bayleigh keeping same could be best for my game

kaitlyn to tyler: if he =gets into a showmance then he's not gonna have his mind on me and he wont keep me over her.

tyler: this couldn't happen any better. she can come over to our sie

tyler to kaitlyn: you are on the bottom of their list.
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