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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/18/18

Derek that's a lot to considewr

ali i wanted to be honest with you guys.. and that's why i didnt talk to you guys earlier i dint know what i woudl say.. i dont want to be the outcast on the vote

derek whatever happens you 3 have to be on the sme side of the vote.. and i dont care i will take that heat

kaela derek will be the tie breaker.. and i dont want to focus on what they want..

liv i dopnt care about them.. i want thi to be good

kaela what does a unified vote do?

Ali it gives them another reason to come after us..

akela whoever stays we're the one that voted to keep them

derek the only thing is the jury

liv im over that shit..

kaela it doesnt matter to me.. ryan hates me johnny is pissed at me

derek if i ge 20 grand over jury votes i dont care

liv i'll be like i dont want to hear what you have to say from jury

Liv you see hat dynamic ryan is social and johnny is reserved

ali i had zero intentions to keep johnny any longer. that is an extra protection and gives us odds no matter what theya re saying to him they are coming at him the 1st chance they get

derek so if they win are they putting us up or johnny

ali johnny

kaela we have the 3 votes

Ali it's better to sit next to johnny than sit next to ryan i'd go home over ryan

derk we'll talk to other people

ali and we do take ryan away from paras.. and ths is my focus.. (the 4)

Liv lets go eat some sliop

Derek l;eaves

kaela will is sitting at the white couch sitting at the door

liv im less concerned aobut it

kaela it sucks i have such superficial convos with them and then hang with you guys. derek likes them.. and im like.. .. he's away that if im on the block im going..

ali you ahve to look out for yoruself

akela yeah i feel that i ahve yo guys but he has everyone else

liv ryan will vote you out.. johnny would keep you..

kela i feel everyone will keep derek cuz he's the nice guy
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