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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/18/18

kaela im satisfied with either one going.. we jsut cant go agsint each other in this no matter who much they want us toi

ali it's important that i come up her and tell you how im feling.. and not anyone else

liv i think a comp beast is less dangerous than someone that slips thru

derek he woulda been out if not for canada's vote

ali eveyrone is onto the fact..

liv we only ahve one more week

ali if johnny goes this week that is another huge thing that you ahve done for them

kawela paras has every person..

ali paras has ryan and ryan has said that he would never go after paras.. and maddy and ryan are at odds.. adn Will has paras.. and paras is a threat and i am not sure i want to give her another number

liv ryan said he would put up a dous and then a floater.. so it's either another one of us

kaela ryan in a triple will put up me derek maddy

ali if one comes down one of us goes up

akela yeah and keep maddy.
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