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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19

Ricky I didn't want to win, i wanted to lay low. now i have to figure out what am i going to do now

tamaar and kandi talking in the bathroom

kandi are we playing to win. im not going to anything

tamar; i just don want to ruin your position

Kandi: you are always saying that i did something when i didnt

tamar you did

tamar: i was having issues with my marriage and my career and you personally interjected yourself into that

tamar: i was at work and i was hearing you guys yiddle yaddling behind the stage

Kandi DR: tamar thinks that we werent happy she was there but we were

tamar: DR you try and be like you are here all nice and social. but you cackling and im not here for all that

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