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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 1/23/19

Nat DR: Lolo and I have a Final 2 so we have to think of a bomb name

natalie OMG how did i not check the room that is rule number one!

tamar: natalie coming in in here and sying that we have to make a f2

natalie i knew that you were in here

ATamar: im going to punch you in the throat

Lolo: dont say that to me. was that a joke?

Atamar: girl like yeah.. that is something i say so im joking..

LOlO : you have to see i dont know you from no where

tamar: yeah i was joking. and i dont care if you have a F2 everyone have a F2

Lol and tamar hug it out

natalie DR I have to just sit back. there si a lot going on and everyone thinks im stupid and im not stupid!

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