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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

paras can you send maddy in

maddy was at the door

paras will told them about the plan

maddy yeah iot;'s the only mathh

paras they woulda never figured it out.. she said that she didnt think aobut it.. he gets emotional and he lets it out

maddy sorry i did think you were playing me and this was a first

parsa i dont belive you.. wehn we saved you twice ..

maddy i felt that i was everyone's last choice

paras i dont beleive you.. and you knew all those things before it was told to you..

maddy no

paras you went into the other room all smiley..

maddy no

paras i dont think anyone hurt me like im hurt right now.. i thought it was different with you

maddy i was hurt too that's why i didn't bring it up.. i didnt want to look like a fool
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