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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday 3/14/18

Ryan if thee is a move to be made would you make it?

Erica for who? like using the veto? on who

ryan i dont care im saying if im saying i can put someone up that we can get out

erica depends who if i think i can get someone out later then i dont think i would use it

ryan what aobut maddy?

Erica Andrew will go over anyone

Ryan if you want o make a power move and get out a power player over andrew.. you should do it

Erica i will think about it

Erica you should be happy with how you did Andrew

Andrew i know we have had ups and downs

Erica yeah im taking my emotions out of the game..

andrew i would be in yoru corner if you took me down

Erica to me this friendship is 100 legit i can see you are loyal trustworthy.. im going to take it all into consideration and whatever i do is for my game
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