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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/5/18

hal: you make me nervous

Fessy: why?

haleigh DR: Fessy is cute and he's trouble

Fessy : haleigh doesn't want to get close to me and that makes me want her more

hal: we can have a lowmance

kaitlyn: i notice Fessy hanging with hal a lot more and i dont know what to make of it

tyler : listen dude im telling you now it's goig to be a good week

Angela: Steve didnt come to me and aks me how i felt

rachel: he didnt com,e to me either

Angela: if i was on the block I would go to each person to keep me

tyler: Trying to get that 7th vote so we dont use that power.. I dont want to expose the level 6 alliance

tytler: kaitlyn will be the easiest to get pulled in
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