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Default Re: Thursday Finale Show 5/10/18

Sarah the word floater was used a lot do you think anyone was a floater

Will no paras wasnt a flaoter

maddy paras was in every convo


Will he thinks that he's romeo

Ryan im not going to vote for kaela.. she kept derek for votes..

johnny well how does it feel that kaela beat you ryan

Ali kaela is just as impressive cuz she did all the dirty work and bigger threat and she's still in it

Johnny in BBUSA the guy beats the girl so often

Sarah the theme was heaven and hell do you think it brought out the dark side

jury yes

Ryan paras's dark side is to tug at you and turn on water works and pull you in.

maddy there is no room for moral and ethics in the game of BB for $100,000

Will bring home the title!!!

Sarah this is a big decision. use your heads and your hearts

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