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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

maddy i thought that you wouldn't chose me the game got to me

paras why would i stick my neck out 4 weeks in a row.. you are full of shit.. and that's why i chose you to save over johnny who would be better for me.. and poor veronica i threw her under the bus to make sure that yo came off the block.. every single week this si what you did you go to the hoh an d watch your back and i told you my entire game and i put everyone to save you and i look like the biggest fool and eveyone says she is s snake and runs to power.. and and i never believed it i said they just dont know her and who she is .. and i am your sister in here and im the dumbest hg in her and they told me and i didnt beleive.. they wall warned me. and im going home over this

maddy youa re not going home..

paras is still fake sobbing, maddy is trying to hold it together or both are over acting
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