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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 5/1/16 - Thursday Eviction Day 5/5/16

Joel tonight has been crazy and if the THREAKShow can win this HOH we'll be sitting pretty

HOH - Previous on Big Brother Canada

tim the lins are clear

kelsey im working alone.. and last of the 3rd wheel

1) fought to be haves but for the bluberries it was a swing and a miss

joel - all correct

2) things in the house got extra spicey when phil took a bite of a ghost pepper

tim cass wrong

3) houseguest took a hand at meme

maddy joel wrong
4) afdter a nail biting HOH and female won the HOH comp

tim i don't spend my day studying. but i remember alot

jared cass wrong

5)complaints where address which left joel dressed like a super hero

Raul tim wrong

6) the HG's ran wild when the jackpot went off the very 1st time

Jared joel and kelsey wrong

tim and kelsey tied

7) dallas got himself in a prickly situation when he won 2nd POV of season

Kelsey i need to win

tim im confuses but im running out of time


Kesley wins HOH!
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