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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/18/16

3:00pm Nick and Phil stage a fake fight

Phil says in the pantry that he needs to act more. that he is just looking down

Tim i dont think this is for real.

cass there is nothing wrong with his face

phil he's been in the chlorine too much

Phil i wish you werent my brother

Phil when i saw your face i am done.. done..

Nick it's been since teh POV i swallowed and it was tooo loud

Nick come talk to me

Phil no.. im not talking to yo..

Nick dont touch me im not going to get kicked out cuz i hit you

phil it's you talk to loud breath too loud swallow too loud

phil my brother is annoying

cass is saying what teh fuck

Tim called to teh DR.. you want us to sing the brothers song>

Nick phil you are such a fucking dick

Nikki is lughing at him

cass he's sensitive
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