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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/18/16

Tim to Nikki it is my way of controlling teh brothers they had the chance to put up jared and really cause a scene.. and made a big move and still may have sent maddy home but what they essentially done again is play the safest route and it's my way of saying if you want something done i'll get in there and do it myself and i'll hold your hand and be yoru mom and still get out maddy.. i dont think it earned any respect with jared in the process which is what they were trying to do. and people dont respect pussies..

nikki no not at all

tim and i said , and he got really angry that i hope that strategy wins you 100G

nikki what did they say

Tim I said that's now how I won Big Brother

tim anbd he got really angry and said as if your HOH wasnt pussy.. you jsut made it yours

nikki when did he say that

tim that was a few days ago end 11:29am
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