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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/27/18

Will you shoulda came to us and talk to us instead of what you always do and stick your head in the sand and study

paras so al those things.. you thought.. all those time

maddy when kaela

Will yelling youa re only hear becuse of us.. and it's really selfish and im going to tell everyone in jury

paras she is proud of it

will it's dumb of you you wont win BB

paras yo are extreemely maniupulative..
Will i told you yesterday taht we should ahve ketp johnny over her..

maddy i always knew you would chose each other over me

paras yo cant keep that smile of her face

will you always run to power.. and dont be sorry to me you fucked paras over not me

maddy im sorry i let everyone get in my head

paras i saved you 4 evictions.. and i made 2 mistakes yestday

paras you get to ad another thing to yor resume

maddy i dont ahve one.. the house has been agsint me

will no one was against you ali/liv didnt like you on a girl level. no one else liked you

maddy youa re right..

paras im proud of you being a genuine person.. you tricked me.. i believe you.. 4 fucking eviction did i screw you

maddy it was all piled up when you said.. all the things that everyone said

paras you were going on the block and who was it that went in there and said what to kael

maddy you did..

will did you know that paras and i are going up today

maddy no i dont.. she said it didnt matter

Will you think we think that you will have our back.. no way

maddy i would have to win a comp

will you cant you suck

maddy i do

paras i dont want to say anything that i will regret

will we said we're going to ahve a nice clean week and maddy goes and fucks it up

will and now she will get to F4
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