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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/29/19

Feeds cut and back and tom is up in the gym

tom we need to chat aat some point.. it was so funny television wise she is amazing..

lolo what was funny about it

tom energy wise. i kept it positive.. it didn't go negative. it almost did but i didn't let it .. she thought i was grilling her accusing her and i didnt and she tried to get me and she almost got me and i said this was awesome and she started laughing.

tom here's the thing someone's got the power. the best thing they can do is to tell me. and im going to let everyone kn ow that.

lolo why would them telling you be best for them'

tom survival

natalie i agree. we will vote them out..

tom just talking to her was pretty funny. pretty cool. my gut doesnt tell me who has it but im narrowing it down

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