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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/29/19

tamaar why didnt you put up natalie. she's got 6 million instagram followers

tom no. there are people that are watching this sbhow and dont knwo who we are

tamar when you watch tv and yo dont know the person dont you google them

tom yeah but this is not that..

tamar im feeling like im being threatened now

tom no i dont want to get into that. i have seen how yo get into thing. and throw down.. i dont want to get into a big thing with you

tamar: y8ou dont think that they saw lolo jump in my face..

tom i would never threatened. what i said is that i want you to find out if kandi has the power and this way i dont make a mistake.. and that will be fair. and it will help me figure out all sorts of stuff. just the more information we have the better decisions we all can make. im not threatening you

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