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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/29/19

Joey up in HOh to talk to tom

tom and kato meet before going in.

tom dont say anything about alliances

Joey dina is protesting too much.. to me there's bad actors that protest too much and then there are bad concealers. the guy that is too cool. the people in the middle are keeping it balance. those 3 have been keepign it balanced. they havent said anything to me. have they said anything to you? (ricky lolo natalei)

tom i asked everyone

Joey dian tamaar and kandi all said they didnt have it.

Kato you ahad a convo with lolo what was that about

joey she was thanking me for how i handled what happened with ricky and she asked how did i do that. that i held my composure. and she said that she has to learn taht cuz she cant do that. she seems sweet to me. she knows her issue. when she flew off to me that time.. she took it as a persoanal shot and i said to ryan watch out for lolo and feeds cut

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