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UgotBronx 02-26-2018 04:52 pm

Double Eviction and Finale Updates
Brandi evicted 3-1

Omarosa won HOH

Omarosa nominated Ross and Marissa

Ross won POV and used it on himself

Omarosa nominated James as the replacement nominee

James and marissa on the block to be evicted

James was evicted 2-1

Final 5 Ross Marissa Omarosa Ariadna and Mark

Ross won HOH

Ross nominated Omarosa and Ariadna

Ross won POV

Ross did not use the POV

Omarosa was evicted 2-0

Final 4 Ross Marissa Mark and Ariadna

Marissa won Final HOH

Marissa chose Ross to be in the Final 2

Ariadna and Mark were evicted

Jury voted 6-3 in favor of Marissa

Marissa is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother :casey:

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