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UgotBronx 04-07-2018 05:57 am

Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
Merron evicted 5-3

Kaela won HOH- Buttoned up

Paras took a $1000 temptation

Derek has a week safety temptation

Will took temptation a phone call from his loved ones - completed

Still to be played out are the Cold showers for 48 hrs - starts today

Each HG, except for Erica, will have their time calculated on the platform till they dropped and for every 5 mins = 1 hr of slop - starts today

Paras 2hrs, Ryan 11 hrs, Maddy 15hrs plus, Derek 16hrs, Ali 18hrs, Johnny (TBD), Will(TBD), Liv (TBD) all completed 4/7/18

Kaela nominated Ryan and Will to be on the block

POV players Kaela Ryan Will Johnny Erica Derek, Olivia hosted

Johnny won POV and a trip to London

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 06:04 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
What to know

Kaela had another long talk with ryan. Ryan described the type of player she is and he nailed it according to Kaela.

Ryan offered to work with her and to either use the veto on him or to let him win the veto. After he left the talk she laughed anad said she's glad she nominated him

Johnny is making like he's buddies with kaela only because he is worried about there being a back door option since Ryan did say hi name was one of the people that were openly telling him to target Daela

Paras thinks she's a mastermind and got kaela to change her mind from Maddy to Ryan to be on the block

Ryan is the target and will be rattling more cages unless he wins veto

Erica is doing a lot of fake butt kissing to Kaela. Even though they are working together she did a lot of extra buttering of Kaela's ego last night.

Will plans on targeting Daela no matter what next week if he survives this week

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 06:05 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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UgotBronx 04-07-2018 06:06 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan asked Paras what should he do

paras said to think aobut the veto

Ryan we'll talk later

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 06:29 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
7 Attachment(s)
kaela and Derek making breakfast

Ryan sits down and doesnt say a word to anyone

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 06:43 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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paras that pinball thing was so lame to me..

feeds flip to ryan and will. if i win and pull myself down you have my vote to stay and i would hope it's the same

Will yeah we will see who wins

Will leaves

Ryan it isn't a yes yong man.. which means there is no rallying support..

Ryan looks down at everyone from the landing the camera is following him

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 07:01 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan talks to the camera's pre POV pick

ryan seems im aobut done in this game. i dont know if you've been following along the whole time,. my intentions have always been pure.. and my safety in this game has always been tenuous cuz someone planted a seed early that i was a liar.. if i win the veto today it keeps me another week.

cuz regardless of whether ali said what she said and i beleive she said what she said.. and when i sawe how many people were running around lying all the time.. i thought that instead of the guy that also lies. i told the truth and thought i could be the guy who told the unvarnished truth.. and in that in failed. cuz it doesnt matter that you told the truth cuz everyone thinks that youa re lying

ryan when even the most upright will lie to your face where are you then. where are we now? maybe it's cuz im older or naive. but when you sit here and contemplate your spot in the game you look at the mistakes you made and where you fell off.. hamza said he was taking the big shot..but he didnt . he took the side kick. and that's not the big shot. eveyone is letting power roll thru this game because theya re afraid.. i wish for my sake and for yous. that i would win an extra hoh or hadn't done my HOh like i did in week 2.. and it's taken 4 weeks and 5 evictions to catch up to me. my game has been swererd from what i did in week 2 and didn't do what i should have done..

and you and you alone at home only know what maddy's intentions.. and that is what an honest man does.. he allows eveyone the benefit of doubt until the show their intentions.. stupid old man.. you want to look at everyone and beleive that everyone is a good person. that's my own nature too trusting and too forgiving and i was not able to turn that off..

while this season of BB canada may not ahve been the one to me. i'd keep coming back cuz i love this game.. if my reputation to precede me it would be of honest and integrity.. and even if that's not how it comes across that is what ive done. i made a deal with the people in the white room to protect them and those same peole are targeting me. am i arrogant yeah.. am i condescending sometimes do i want people to know how smart i am YOU VBET I DO! if you only ahve one or 2 assets you need to use them to yor advantage.. in the outside world intelligence is valued and in the BB house it's feared and eveyone wants to come after you

I wanst about to keep my mouth shut and wasn't able to talk about the like like i wasnt play8ing it and that was my fault and i did it early.. very early.. sorry canda i didnt give you the game i could ahve.. and the game you were hoping for when you found out i was in here.. and im really sorry for my family for leaving them behind.. for what is a great experience in my life but not as rewarding as i hoped.. we are in a spot wher i find myself wondering where i am next.. if i can rally support.. and im going to need 4.

The 4 might be there if im next to will but definitely will be there if im sitting next to maddy.. someone needs to come down unless she puts up a true pawn in the house and they do exist in this house too.. all along i told people that i was going to protect them in a triple.. and all along they were at each others throats. how is this possible.. you know what im saying..

Ryan even that one this morning with the apology ( not sure who) I dont know if it was true or just jury management.. that's whee we are now.. everyone will kiss your ass

Feeds finally flip from ryan to the bathroom

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 07:03 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Will all ready in the white room

Derek is pacing

kaela there are some tunes while you' re pacing

Derek yeah i could

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 07:07 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ali we've never been alone this long in a room

johnny i like it..

erica yeah me too

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 07:10 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Derek stopped pacing and now is lying down

Erica talked about the open call

Liv how many people were there

erica 7-800

johnny you guys why did we stand out

erica i was aggressive as fuck..

Liv I was like hi!!!

BB calls them out

Ali OMG im already into this story!

johnny i want to hear the rest of this

johnny my video is redic

erica yeah mine is pretty good

BB please stop talking about production


UgotBronx 04-07-2018 07:12 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Liv what is everyone's plan today

johnny eat

erica win another veto.. i dont want to stand up there.. but i will say i plan to screw you both over please enjoy your time on the block

Erica youa re due for a win it's yor day

ali yeah yeah..

Feeds cut 10:11am for POV Pick

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Feeds back

paras i flipped.. not flipped when i changed my mind was when you threw me under the bus and i dont care that you outted maddy.. and whatever way you want to think aobut it i was the last person to hear about it.. and mady never told me cuz she didnt trust me.. I had no idea ther waas any kind of plan. i was told that ryan is one of our own and to keep him

ryan im sorry you got played.. and you were one of the peopole i truely like in the game..

paras i didnt think so that everything came out of your mouth was a lie., i felt that i was so stupid and taht i got played by you..

ryan not at all

paras i felt taht yestday

ryan funny no one wants to talk to me

paras that's why when you threw my name out there yesterday i was pissed off.. and i ahd to sleep on it and couldnt look you in the eye

rayn i knew taht i felt that i was severed

paras you started taht when you said my name in that room

ryan i didnt say your name when i went in there

paras you did after noms

paras right.. that's when.. and i was giving maddy way worse of a side eye at her than you.. and then i gave you a heads up that i thought it was a little plan.. and then after noms when you said my name i couldnt look at you

ryan in all of the shit that was happening all day i never got from anyone yeah we are still good

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:29 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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POV players Kaela Ryan Will Johnny Erica Derek

Erica apparently i wasn't pitched at the perfect pawn (will)

kaela yeah he was just throwing it out there

Erica i was like what?

kaela im wondering if they are going to be subtitles for Will..

johnny oh yeah for sure

erica yeah the 1st night there was a lot of what?

kaela i was laughing cuz i felt so awkward

johnny he was doing a newfie dance when we 1st met each other

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:32 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan i specifically asked kaela to clarify did will say my name

paras i didnt.. and you still have veto

Ryan there is no way im going to be able to beat will derek jhonny erica kaela

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:39 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan feel free to tell kaela that it wasnt me

pars she said it was you

ryan maddy has fucked me she fucked me as hard as possible.

paras you clearly made an assumption or didnt feel like you needed to check with me and threw me under the bus.. and you know it wouldn't work towards my advantage for y8o to go after daela..

paras the on.y thing that we ahd in common was that we both wanted to keep you.. i was not part of that palna and was not included.. whether they thought i couldn't keep it to myself.. and now for the rest of my time im bunched in with the rest of the peole

ryan if you weren't part of the plan per maddyn you were part of the plan

(paras is lying she knew and was part of the the get ryan out )

paras it sucks that my name was thrown under the bus not just by you but my maddy and maybe will

ryan why is your game gone.. kaela doesnt play next week.. daela thinks the whole house is against them.. and that is what the whole house told me to do

paras again you included me in the whole thing. i wasn't part of it..

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:46 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Erica ryan got maddy to admit that everyone was on board with the blindside plan..

Erica apparently maddy ws behind a lot more than we know

ali yeah she said to ryan that to stop saying liv and ali..

akela ryan said he wasn't going to come to me till after teh veto but maddy convinced me to say that.. and he said taht liv and ali were always his target and that he had to say that to stay

erica i beleive it

ali i knew it !!

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:47 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
6 Attachment(s)
Ali arm wrestled liv and erica

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:54 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
9 Attachment(s)
Ryan i got fucked over.. and you got fucked over and i think that she got fucked over too and she will crya and ruyn and it ws fucking bullshit it didnt matter if i was going after liv ali or daela you her will were all going to vote for me.. that shift was bullshit.,. and i shoulda known it.. and i got had

Ryan i felt so fucking angry at you yesterday and i got so mad!! I got fucked and you got fucked.. I was looking at you and you were looking at me and im sorry kid i know i am going

paras cries im sorry

Ryan crying Im sorry kid.. i didnt want to hurt you.. and i should've talked to you 1st.. i ws so pissed

paras you hurt my feelings when you threw out my name. i tried to keep you.. now im fucked

Ryan you beat derek in the HOH and send them home

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Erica talking about rugby it's such a kick ass game

kaela ive broken peoples kegs and broke my ankle.. that is why i didnt continue..

Erica you should do cross fit

kaela no i didnt like it. it's once you stop doing it people say they hate it.. and i want to do things that i like..

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 08:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Liv laying on the sofa to de bloat her stomach

Liv this should be interesting.. and i love the themes

erica you get teh costume and then think about it and it's nothing that what we thought it would be.

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:05 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan fishing for information in case he wins veto

rayn i walked past the bathroom was all 4 of you and i heard will say yeah if we are going to pull that of we have to be careful

paras that could be a million things

ryan yeah but i was working with the information that i had.. and maddy said the rest of them and she siad taht she told me to go talk to them cuz it would help me stay

paras maddy is a snake

ryan she played me you will she gave me every indication that all 4 of you were going to be the blinsdie vote and then you changed your minds anc ame back. and to me those issues is what led to daela no trusting me and putting me on teh block

apras i cant speak for anyone else

ryan i can only apologize

paras me too.. maybe with the others but not with me

ryan i haven't been 100% with maddy for long time.. but with johnny and will why? and one person made a move and got me fucked.. you johnny will wont completely trust me.. and will said day 1 he wouldn't evict me cuz we both got kids and earlier i said taht if one of us come down.. he's got my vote i sadi there is zero chance i will evict him if i come down.. and he said we'll see how it play out.. and he said when he was drunk 200 times taht he;'s got my back and you dont say it unless you mean it.. and then he told me to not trust maddy .. and all i ever did was to do what was in the best intrests to you.. and maybe when i get home i will see that ali never said taht and i am pretty sure that is what i hear and what i saw her mouth say.

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:08 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan it wasnt just one time that you said that you wanted them out.

paras why? why say that!! why are you trying tio say shit.. dont say anhthing

ryan yeah ok.. there is no way for me to frame it for them to beleive it. im sorry i didnt mean to throw you under the bus.. i just felt that i was kickjed

paras all yo can do is say that one of those names wasnt part of the plan to target daela.. that is it.

ryan they kept you in the dark and i beleive it.. or she kept you in the dark.. but right now im in a place wher all 3 of you were part of it.. never mind.. i dont know how to say what i want to say ..

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:11 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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paras leaves to heat up her tea

ryan keep close to maddy friends close enemies closer.

paras yeah

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:14 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Ryan head to the DR on his own but denied.. sits with liv erica and kaela

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:15 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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maddy i knew taht you were from newfie right away

johnny i had a good impression of you right away and still do

maddy i didnt think paras was the person she is now

Will yeah i thought paras was bochy

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:18 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Will i had a good impression of adnrew and then he put me in hell and i was like fuck you..

maddy i didnt like how he present questions to me

will i didnt like the way he talked.. like look at me when you talk to me!!

Will ryan was shyt when i first met him

Johnny i dont even remember

will i like erica i thouhgt she was

johnny a bad bitch

will yeah she was roasting eveyone

Will rozie i was like OH GOd.. she's a riot..

maddy yeah

johnny when i saw rozie i wanted to keep her in the game for a long time

will i thought kaela was all cute .

maddy when i saw derek and jesse i thought they were business men.

Derek the only person i got a bad vibe from right away was hamza

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:33 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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kaela veronica's picture in there doesnt look like her.. i was like who is that..

kaela and you paras im like that's not you

Ali yeah it's scary

paras they were like dont smile

liv i look so bad in that

kaela i think you looks georgous

kaela Ali's is bomb in there it;'s so good!! she looks like a model

erica so stoic

kaela ever feature is so prominant

kaela johnny's doesnt look like him.. he looks worried in his..

Erica what else is new

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:34 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Study session in the living room with paras erica kaela and liv

maddy derek ali johnny will all in the bathroom joking around

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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paras i just had a long talk with ryan and he admitted to lying about my name .. i told him i didnt know.. and he siad thast he assumed cuz i tlk to maddy ..

erica it was news to me

paras it wsd news to me

erica and i dont even care

paras .. enough for one season

erica he tried..

UgotBronx 04-07-2018 09:43 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/7/18
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Almost everyone is in the living room they want to play a game

ryan is in the DR not sure if they are waiting on him or not.

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