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UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:11 am

Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
Canada saved Ryan with Canada Saves vote

Kaela named Erica as the replacement nominee

Will and Erica were on the block and up for eviction

Erica was evicted 5-2

Derek won HOH Before or After

Jury starts next Thursday

Paras Liv Ali and Kaela are Have Nots for the week

Derek nominated Johnny and Ryan to be on the block

POV Players Derek Johnny Ryan Paras Maddy Liv, Ali hosted

Derek won POV

Derek did not use the POV

Ryan and Johnny remain on the block and are up for eviction

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:20 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
What to know

Hg's went on an outside lockdown yesterday at about 12:30pm BBT

Feeds were cut down to 2 feeds about 2:45pm BBT to just Johnny and Ryan talking in the treeway

At 5:15pm BBT all feeds were cut where ther was a flash of staff signing messing around with the Tomb in the Catacombs

Feeds did not return but there was a flash of Ali tucking in Liv or Kaela in the have not room at 2:59 am BBT this morning

9:91 am BBT Feeds are still down :shrug:

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
:casey:Hope you are enjoying the updates and find them helpful :casey:

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UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Feeds finally returned 9:35 am

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:39 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Hg's had booze last night bottles are on the counter

Derek it's going to be a long one today

kaela yeah especially cuz we cant have hangover food

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:41 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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BB paras to the DR

BB Olivia to the DR

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:46 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Will that was so funny last night

ali yeah and then i threw water on you.. I cant beleive they let us sing so many songs last night.. it was a lot of fun. we got some singers in this house

Johnny youa re one of them

Will we can probably go on tour after this

ali ha ha go on tour!

kaela it was fun i didnt sing like that since i was a kid..

Derek you are good

kaela it's soemthing i use to do for fun.. like in front of peole.. like i'll do it at camp fires. and usually singing with people

derek yeah

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:52 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Will when johnny put on that red wig..

Ali that's what happens when you put a little britney on..

johnny yeah

Will they put on some pumpkin heads for ryan

Ali the whole day was fun. your task and then our task

Will and Ali leave the room

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 06:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Liv Deek slept in the catacombs with kaela i betcha he's regretting it this morning

Johnny probably

Feeds 1/2

Paras i wanted to i did a shot and 2 beers but then i couldnt do it..

Will the red wine

paras yeah i tried but couldn't do it.. then they said good night hg's

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:01 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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paras. the schreach thing and . the kissing the fish thing got me

Will the lobster is still there he's in teh ceiling

paras we were dancing and then he wasn't ther anymore (balloon)

Will wants to go for a smoke

paras they were so nice to us they gave us so much good stuff and actually lets us party..

Will look they even cleaned up the chips for us

paras cuz we're gross! thank yo BB .. sorry for being gross

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:05 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Will they musta let us sleep in

Ryan most of the veggie straws are gone so either birds or humans

paras yeah humans.. thank you

ryan what the fuck?

Will red wine

Ryan obviously

Will im glad i didnt drink that glass of wine.

Ryan yo were good .. you werent loaded

paras last night allows me to go all the way thru it (being a have not)

Ryan right

Will it was so fun

Ryan yeah it was.. you're not bad on the guitar..

paras that's good that you asked them for it

Will yeah.. it was me then derek and kaela

ryan i didnt know i missed singing that much till i started doing it

BB calls them out for talking about last night

Will Liv is a good singer too

paras she said she took singing lessons back in the day

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:08 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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feeds 3/4 Liv and johnny

Liv who have yuo talked to that you feel decent about

Johnny you guys.. they are scared that im with you guys

Liv what about Will

Johnny paras said i have to get will 1st.. and it sucks cuz im not lying how he matters to me in the game.. but it looks like the case

liv i know

Johnny ali was telling me she has to tell me something tomorrow that she wants to flip the house on paras.. and then she ran up and talked to dael.. like i dont want o flip the house this week i want to stay

Liv what does that have to do with anything.

johnny i have no idea

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:10 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Johnny do you guys feel like you messed up voting erica out

liv i think it made the game trickier but not the wrong decision for me

johnny hmm

liv that's what this game is about i dont want smooth sailing i want to make big choices and find my way through them and ewe had smooth sailing for 7 weeks. even when i was on teh block i didnt have to fight that hard

johnny uh huh

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:15 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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BB sets off the fog horn

Liv laughs

maddy are you hung over

johnny not bad. just need water

ali taking a long shower

paras and kaela are cleaning up the kitchen

Will we all snuck into the diary room last night it was so good

johnny yeah

maddy we were like teenagers.. like get ot!! we got called in for dual DR's and we screamed

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:17 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
maddy they played us so much music and then they cleaned it all up

Will they even cleaned up the chips outside

maddy they did? thank you BB

maddy that was you that hit the bag

Ali yeah

WIll but you shoulda been able to eat those chips

Ali i dont know..

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:18 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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paras complaining about her back to kaela

maddy day 47 april 17th

ali yeah

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:23 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Derek and johnny in the kitchen

derek left kaela in the have not room halfway thr the night

derek is hung over

johnny when you 2 did that thing together it was so beautiful

Derek that will fix the season for singing

kaela and Liv high 5 for their singing last night

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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paras i liked my 1st 2 glasses of beer and then i ahd food and i was like i cant do it

BB Ryan to the DR

kaela did ryan get his soda last night

derek yeah he did.. he said he had 2 cola's and he was happy

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:27 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Liv and ali alone in the red room

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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liv to maddy we were so lucky on how much we got to sing

maddy yeah and they cleaned up for us

BB please stop talking bout production

Liv we try to and she laughs

Liv how are you feeling

maddy decent.. i woke up in the middle of the night so thirsty

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:48 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Will how funny was that last night that we all went in teh DR together..

Will and then paras drank that 'schreech" and she spit it out and then Ali smacked that veggie sticks

Ali yeah i was bad!!

Derek even Ryan had a good time

Will yeah they put on the humpty dance for him

Will im glad i didnt drink the rest of the red wine.

Ali yeah im glad liv told me to drink water before going to bed.

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Derek it was so funny. last night you told johnny that erica was coming after yo

akela.. yeah we didnt talk all day.. and then liv/ali said when she was walking up the stairs and i said im sorry i knew i was your #1 target and then she said that's cute and Liv said that cuz she had nothing else to say

Ali grabs kaela my little singer!!! you're so good!! where's livingston?

Derek downstairs

Ali im going to get water be back

Derek she said that's cute

kaela yeah that's when she was hugging everyone and then missed us.. and i was like sorry erica and i respect you.. and she said fuck you.. the fact taht i got her out she was pissed.. cuz she was going to get me out

derek yeap.. and feeds cut and back :imok:

BB kaela to the DR

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 07:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Ryan last night was fun it was a much needed stress reliever.. but i already learned that we cant go into too much details

Ali yeah

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:07 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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paras i win the triple i put up liv kaela derek and send derek liv home or i put up ryan liv and ali or i put up one from each adn then i ahve one from each pair coming after me

paras im not putting up one of my own. im not touching maddy or will.. I can put up ryan .. i have to take out daela then i can explain how i got here in a social aspect.. i can say i took out the biggest dou in the house.. but then i ahve to win taht veto.. ahve to

paras i know derek and akela will take me far. they think im weak and they think im a good 2nd place to them but i dont want 2nd place.. me maddy will liv ryan.. and then i ahve good odds to win out of that bunch.. im jsut scared of the triple veto that kaela wins comes down and come after me.. if she comes for me and derek is gone.

paras if kaela puts me/will up .. ali ryan and maddy save me i could still be fine. ryan will work for will to stay. i need to work on that.. if im next to maddy will/ryan will save me. I think i ahve to do it. i cant be afraid in the house/game. you dont win if you are afraid.. it sucks that i dont ahve back up.. if i make that move i could be gone next week.. put up derek kaela ali.. if kaela wins i put up liv and send derk liv home.. if derek wins i put up liv and send kaela liv home. One has a zero out of 13 track record.. i'll take that.. and also in jury that will be 2 people w that will be bitter as hell. they thnk that im in ther alliance.. and that's not the case.. they want me to put up ryan in the triple.. hell no.. why would i put him up as a number.. the only reason i vouched for him to go up is that maddy has loyalty to 2 people

paras in need to drill it into will?maddy's head that if there is a tripe that's when we ahve to go about it. it might be next week when it goes 8-5 and that is better

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:11 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Liv I feel that keeping Johnny is a lost cause. i dont want to blow up our game.

Ali i know. and we ahve to have a talk with kaela and we have to watch out ryan is super close to paras. something doesnt feel right

Liv what if we convince daela that johnny makes a deala and not put them up

ali i think we can say we are leaning towards johnny cuz he's not after us but ryan is 100% after us and 100% after you guys.. make them feel that we feel confident that johnny is after us.. and that we know that ryan is after them. make them think twice

ali maybe.. maybe not. i dont know what else to do

Liv what id johnny strikes a deal.. to promise them safety

Ali i dont think that is strong enough. or about next week. cuz it's not about next week it's about him being such a beast in the game

Liv yeah

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:14 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Ali we are sending Will sooner than later

Liv yeah.. there are so many i want to send home

Liv i got the pocahontas song stuck in my head

Liv i want maddy gone 1st. i want her smug face out of this house

ali yeah i keep going back and forth wanting her out cuz she is a floater..

Liv i just dont want her in the finals

Ali we dont ahve the whole season to set us up for the future.. as much as i cant stand her and want he out of her.. i dont want to make a weak move. that can be done later

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:18 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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Liv i want paras out

ali paras asked kaela if she had a F4 with liv and ali

liv us 4 all 3 of us vote to get derek out and go to f3 together

ali you think?

Liv yeah

Ali you think she will vote him out

Liv yeah she will

ali if she doesnt win hoh

Ryan sits down so talk ends

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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kaela sits with ali

pars still talking to herself about her game. :imok:

paras i had to keep throwing comps so i had to keep doing it cuz it worked for me but now here's where i play anda add to my social game by winning physical and mental comps. i want this one really bad..

paras i've envisioned myself sitting there in the f2.. ive been watching the US one and nwo the speech is different cuz of this version. ive been thinking of it for 10 years now. no one understands in this house how big of a fan i am.. im so close. but there are 9 people left. but i have to win nwo. im ready to make my moves now. i was so unsure on making moves but i was sitting well with everyone.. i set myself up with every single person in the house but now i know who has to go.. and while i have had my doubts with will/maddy they will throw me to the curb but i will honor them cuz i was with them from day 1.. and kaela dna derek are here for each other..

paras if my own stupidity that ryan takes me out cuz im not worried aobut him.. and he takes me out.. he will ahve my vote

ryan in .. paras camera talk ends

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:34 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
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ALi did paras say to you taht we had a f4?

kaela derek and i thought she was fishing for it.. she said she thought that you guys had a f4 and derek said no.. why would we.. she said that you were wording it like we did..

kaela she is tying to say that you guys are coming for us

kaela paras is the 3rd in every group.. and then ahs ryan on teh side.

liv yeah

ali yeah.. i dont know if she is purposely doing it

kaela she's not doing it cleverly

ali she's gotta go

kaela if she's not gone in F5 she's guaranteed F2

ali yeah

kaela and i ahve to be careful with derek and will. he's all bro with him now

ali i think that derek is scared to be in a house with all girls..

kaela we agree on some things. but not the same people. iw sa pushing to have the have nots to hasbro but he didnt agree. he said that he wanted to take johnny cuz it was his last week.

ali yeah it's jury management.. but i dont thnk jenga will amke him feel better about leaving

akaela johnny said that erica was coming after me and if she won hoh she would put us up and get me out. he told me after the veto ceremony.. he said that he wasnt thinking of doing that.. and hat's not what you say. you say that you werent going to do that

ali i worry that ryan is coming for you guys

kaela johnny is harder to get out.. he almost won that veto.. he's won 3 and almost a 4th.. he's jsut good at everything.and everyone in the house loves him.. if he gets to the end he will win and he deserves it..

ali who is ideal to take out next week

kaela we need to split that 3 up

ali yeah.. as much as i cant stand maddy will and paras are the strongest in that trio

kaela it's like non of us will take maddy.. she's just an easy throw up on the block

kaela i love working with you guys i never thought of that

ali maddy is the least threatening.. will/paras are a much more concern

UgotBronx 04-17-2018 08:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/17/18
1 Attachment(s)
Ali ryan is still here

akela yeah i was the only one that voted him out

ali he's still going to get further.. he keeps getting further and further.. and johnny will always be a target in teh house

akela yeah but he could win

ali but i ahve other things that im looking at now and it's not ryan

akela i will put him up if im hoh

ali and he will escape again

liv if its a triple i want to put up maddy/will and feeds cut

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