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UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:01 am

Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Keesha evicted 13-0

Memphis won Big Brother Watch Party

Kaysar, David,Nicole F and Christmas are Have Nots for the week.

* Nicole F chose to do it for Ian since he was just a have not *

**Previous Have nots got to chose current Have nots**

Safety Suite players Christmas, Cody, Ian, Davonne, Bayleigh, Nicole F, Kevin

Christmas won Safety Suite and used her plus 1 to keep Ian Safe

Memphis nominated David and Nicole A to be on the block

POV Players Memphis, Nicole A, David, Ian, Nicole F and Tyler. Hosting - Enzo

Ian Safety Suite Punishment is Dirk Space Jammer. Ian has to performing/reading scenes from outer space while changing into different outfits during his segments.

Memphis won POV - All Starry Night

Memphis did not use the POV

David and Nicole A remain on the block and are up for eviction

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:24 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
What to know

Late last night Nicole A had a meeting with Janelle,Kaysar, Bayleigh, Christmas,Kevin and Day. Kaysar was trying hard to explain why Nicole should stay in the house.

janelle added memphis will keep NicA in a tie

However Danielle happened to walk by the love room and stood by the door listening to the conversation. Bayleigh and Davonne said no promises but they will let her know today but no way are they going to keep NicA over David at this point in their game.

Dani went back and told The Closers(minus memphis) that they were in the room and scheming to keep NicA. Afterwards, Bayleigh went to the back room and told them they asked her to keep Nicole A and even though she said yes. she has no intentions of keeping her. This keeps her off THe Closers radar for the time being because she is not caught up with Janelle/Kaysar.

Janelle and Kaysar need to win HOH in order to be safe.

Tyler, Cody,Enzo, Memphis, Nicole F, Dani and Nicole A( if she stays) all have the safety suite card to play.

Feeds will be on and off today. Im not sure if we will see them right up to the last minute or production will cut us from seeing the last minute scramble if any.

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Early wake up call for the HG's

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:34 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kaysar talking toi xmas about memphis and how he plays his game in a team of 2.. . compares it to last year of having a large alliances..

Kaysar thast wasd their trick. everyone goes out and maskes friends wiht a floater and the floaters have a mentality as " as long as it's not me"

Xmas: David has no clue whats going on..

Kaysar: he's green. he has a clue.. but .. I confronted him aobut his association.. I said why would i save you if you are with a group that is trying to get me out.

Kaysar: they are not going to go after you. there is a big block alliance.. and they will pick us off and make it to the end. they dont want us working together. that's why they re always saying " whyt are you talking to janelle, kaysar" Like who the fuck are they to tell me who I can talk to? they are talking to everyone... I dont want it to be like that. it's all stars and I want to work together. it's allstars.. and I want to pull people together that we can work with.. me you bay, day, kevin.. and i was hoping that you guys would be on board this week

kaysar: it's been a long week.and i dropped the ball on that. and im sorry about that

Xmas: I asked you in the beginning.. and we didnt talk game till after i won safety suite and nicole went up.. and i just wish we would have talked (before) a little bit faster.. and checked in some how.

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kaysar: bayliegh was scared becuase she was threatenbed..

xmas : threatened?

kaysar : asked

Xmas by who?

Kaysar: cody. he asked why is she talking to janelle so much.. and i dont want anyone to be treated like that if im talking to them..

Xmas: I dont talk to them too much.I just say hi..(lies)

Kaysar: theya re going to come after me and janelle 1st. they are mad cuz I blew up their shit..

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:39 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kaysar: ive been trying to keep it lowkey.. and it blew up.. cuz i wasnt able to talk to people. Im hoping you want to be part of this we need everybody and i know it's bold and a bigmove. im hoping you think about it

xmas: it was a long week. being a have not it took a toll on me especially my brain function

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 08:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Xmas: nicA exposing everything and calling out everyone. gives us a big disadvantage.
Kaysar : I disagree

Xmas: I thinking that we wait and not wage war right now.. Day and kevin feel like it's shakey ground. if you push something. and take that risk and we see what can be done as a risk. i dont see them exposing that line in the house today. I dont see that happening.

Kaysar what advantage does that give us>?

Xmas: it gives us the ability to get hoh and get information and time to trust each other and working as a whole. it's a stratigic move that protects the group.. Nicole doesnt seem like she was even included in this. and you guys talk to nicole all the time..

kasyar: she was included

Xmas: but she wasnt spoken if no one said her name

kaysar: bay said that if you could get everyone on the same page and memphis will keep her then it's a hard yes.

Xmas: I will talk to memphis.. but he doesnt want to expose

Xmas: that would be a significant shift.

kaysar: would that change your mind?(memphis committing to keeping NicA in a tie)

kaysar: yeah I dont want to look like a fool

xmas: yeah.. and if he goes the other way,.. like it has to be a a yes.. anything less than that.. we have to rebuild.. we need to work on strategy.. offense not defense
kaysar: yeah it has to be a hard yes

Xmas: Im telling you right now those 3(Bay, Day) won't sign up for that otherwise.

kaysar: I agree


UgotBronx 08-20-2020 09:00 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Xmas heads into the HOH tells memphis that he's the last straw they are holding on to.. you are the swing vote and to keep nicole. the fact that you have not confirmed anything. and I havent..

memphis they are saying that if i keep nicole.? Im not going to give anyone a yes

Xmas: I was like dude why are you trying to wage war when you dont have a group

Nicole F : is ian in the group?

Xmas: no..

NicF; they couldnt pull him in.


UgotBronx 08-20-2020 09:01 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Xmas: last night Kevin was like why would we go with you guys. you haven't even talked to me till now.. She said that she is going to be the target.

Xmas and she's not wrong

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 09:08 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Xmas: I told him that nicole doesnt deserve to go home but she is not strong enough for all of us to take a stand on.. she will have to be a casualty. And i sadi where did these people come from for the alliance

Memphis: i cant believe he's going so hard for someone..

Xmas: he's picking people that dont have anyone.

Memphis: what if he doesnt win HOH. it's all this for nothing

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 09:52 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
HOH lockdown

Hg's putting in requests for music playing in the HOH

9:50am BBT HG on HOH lockdown



UgotBronx 08-20-2020 11:18 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kaysaar: you just need to tell nicole that if it's a tie she has your vote

memphis : I already told her that but ok

Kaysar: I have the votes

memphis : I don't think you do.

Kaysar: I think i have

memphis: I don't think you do.. just remember tomorrow when this shit goes down.. I get to tell you I told you.

Kaysar: ok

Memphis to the camera: You're an idiot

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 11:25 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Kaysar to kevin we need you to get davonne

Kevin yeah i did ..

janelle in

kevin: Janelle we need to do this.

janelle: I know IM DOWN!! we got memphis right?

Kaysar: yeah. did anyone talk to xmas?

Kaysar: yeah I did

Kevin: bay is down too.

jani: Im just going to vote 4 her 2 stay & say f*ck it to these people . was so sad this morning for nicA

Nicole in

kaysar: nicole you need to talk to memphis and the other girls that you have the votes

Nicole: yeah i already did but ok

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 11:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kevin to bay at the kitchen table

kevin: they said they got memphis

Bay: it's big if they have him

kevin: yeah but i still don't know.

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 11:34 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Dani: i didn't want to blindside yo. you know where i stand with you..

nicole A : that's fine.

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 11:46 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
janelle and her facial drinking coffee talking to ian about sun tan, sun block and getting a pet.

ian: I slather a lot of sunscreen on.. and pets.. i like them but yeah too much .. not for me.

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:15 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Memphis talks to nicole

Nicole. I was told to chat with you

NicF comes in and leaves

memphis yeah about?

Nic. tie breaker

Memphis if yo get the tie breaker 90% im going to keep you

Nic A: that's amazing

memphis kaysar is running around like he has all the votes. I told him I dont think he does

Nicole: I dont need your guarantee.. if it's a tie you do you.

Memphis Until the votes are in i dont have a say


UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
memphis to janelle: I just talked to nicole

Janelle leaves

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:24 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Ian to David. You have my vote. it's regardless which way it's going. I just needed to make a decision.

David: thank you

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:30 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
kevin just told janelle and Kaysar that they dont have Davonne's votes to keep nicole.

janellee: So Day wants to hear it from nicA.

kaysar: so does bay.

kevin: so stop packing and get to talking.

kevin: we are getting caught up i.n the " why wasnt i told this or that.

janelle: if we pull this off(she knows it's not solidified) moving foward I'll tell you guys everything

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Xmas to Nic A : although I was interested.. I dont want my hand to be forced and it puts me as a huge target.. and i dont want to destroy the relationships that i have and also the ability that i have to compete in this game. and i didnt get to play last time I was here. I still dont like the divide. so full transparency.. and i haven't felt that anyone had my back till they saw what i could do and no one talked to me till week 2.. and you didn't talk to me till you got put on the block

nicole A: i feel you are taking it out on me.

Xmas: Im going to go ask him right now


UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
NicA: off crying in Dani's arms.. Dani: did someone hurt you? was someone mean to you?

NicA: I just want to go home. Im over it.

Dani: shh it's ok

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:53 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
xmaas confronting bay if she was told by memphis is nicA had the votes he'd keep her

Bay: no i never said anything either way.

xmas: why would he say stuff to others and not talk to us. they are not coming for you they are coming for me cuz Im an athlete!!

Xmas: I dont like the way all this is going on. like you are going to com e to me me when you need me. for someone that isnt in your alliance. you cant save your own people? ( kaysar)

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 12:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
12:53pm we have petcam!!

This might be it before the live show tonight!! :casey:

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 06:04 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Nicole A evicted 10-2

Tyler won HOH Mug Shots

TBD are Have Nots

UgotBronx 08-20-2020 06:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020
Feeds back

Bayleigh and Janelle are have nots then feeds go to petcams

** apparently before feeds came back while choosing have nots. Nicole F and janelle had some words. janelle is not phased and Nicole F is a wreck.. then feeds went down ever since. :shrug:

EDIT: Feeds still down. Sorry =( I can't sit up anymore.

make sure to get the feeds to follow along!

** Feeds returned an hour or so later- uneventful***

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