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UgotBronx 03-12-2018 05:59 pm

Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
Rozina evicted 11-0

HOH winner revealed

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:07 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ali im sad to see you go but im glad to still be here

jesse this might look like the house is united but that's a totally different day

Derek it's not cool for you to come in and try and pressure us

Andrew come on.. I think get rid of the hot chick and keep the old lady but they are not built for this

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:08 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Veronica and merron enter the house

Oliva what the hell BB we jsut got rid of 1 person and youa re bringing in 2 more

Veronica we have no idea that we were coming in we were in the audience

Olivia the story is not adding up..

veronica arisa said there were 2 fans from the audience going in and we knew .. they flew us in.. but then we packed for an over night .. and they did our hair nad make up

Oliva that is bull shit .. i am not working with these new HG and i dont trust them

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:09 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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merron they dont beleive us

Veronica im glad you let me take the lead

Andrew bro i got you man..

merron i feel like this is HS

Andrew this is BB house bro.. jsut play dumb and dont say anything

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:16 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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HOH - Right in the kisser

bring your glass up and i will ask you a question and you will throw the glass in the face of who you think it is

merron and veronica are safe and can not play in the HOH comp

1) Who smells the worst

Andrew up throws it in ryan's face Andrew correct and eliminates Olivia

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:17 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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2) Who did the house decide is here only for a showmance

Erica buzzed in throws it at Derek

Erica correct and eliminates Andrew

Erica i know it's the best decision for the house and i want to show my loyalty
3) who is most likely to cry when nominated

Maddy pours it on herself.. Anwer is kalea madddy out

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:17 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Who is the easiet manipulated.. jesse throws it at kawe answer is oparas

paras who is the one that will ahve the least people attend her funeral..

Answer Olivia.. paras is out

Who is the house most surprised cast - kaela throws it at hamza correct

kaela eliminates hamza

Who did the house decide is the dumbest

Derek throws it at Will Answer is paras.. Derek cut off

Will kalea Ryan erica and Ali

Least worthy is andrew and correct..

Andrew that;'s who you feel man.

Ali truth hurts man

ryan who will you eliminate


UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:21 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ryan eliminates kaela

Who did the house decide would have the least people at their BDAy party.. throws it at ryan.. answer is hamsza

Who did the house decide would cause the most drama

Ali Andrew.. answer erica

Final question Will and Ryan

ryan i need to win HOh i need to have them come to me

Who did the house decide was least deserving..

Will chose hamza

Will i need hoh i want to see my little guy

Answer is Olvia

Ryan is HOH

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:24 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ali it sucks to see how much paras is hurting from the HOH comp..

paras they think im dumb!! YES!!! so easy to be manipulated!! YES!!! of course i want them to think that..

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:27 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Andrew are you ready ryan

ryan you are not my 1st option

Erica I ahve to talk to Andrew the whole house is agsint you it's not

Erica DR if you dont want to accept my apology that's fine im not going to keep wasting my breath

Erica are you going to follow me around the house now

andrew maybe why not.. it's all honky dory now

Olivia this house is pretty messy

Andrew im shooting daggers at her.. and im doing that intentionally

Andrew i saved yo

Erica you klnw what you were saying and doing last week. you were trying to flip the house and i cant be associated with that personally..

Andrew pk when the time comes dont be surprised

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:31 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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HOH reveal

Each week Canada will get a game to play and this week it's twister

Hey dad you won hoh!! I ahve things to tell you about me our hockey team is doing well bye for now

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:32 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ali do you feel good with Ryan

jesse i dont know.

Ali he might be saying Andrew just for the house

jesse he's so up in the air..

Ali he;s so smart and n=knows the most aobut BB

jesse im uncertain

Ali he;'s been playing real low and no one should under estimate him

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:33 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Andrew apology tour

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:35 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Erica i appreciate it .. i truly do give a fuck . i think you're a good dude

Andrew Dr c'mon just accept my apology and keep it moving. next up oliva.. she was just in the way..

Olivia ok

Andrew hugs all day..

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:37 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Have nots

Ryan choses Jesse Derek Hamza and Erica

Merron time to enter BB catacombs

hamza this place smells

jesse im not sleeping for one minute

Erica welcome home friends!

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:42 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ryan ahs it sunk in for you yet

Erica i cant beleive that you have been watching this for so long

ryan im going to share my dinner with Erica with wendy's plus she is on slop

erica i think that your knowledge is usful

Erica i think i can work with ryan down the road

Ryan gets the wendy's food

Erica thank you..

Erica Dr Wendy's i love you

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:44 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Derek you want to play like 20 questions. how were you in HS

kalea i was athletic. but a little nerdy

Derek oh

kalea i ahve a criminology and psychology degree. they all just think im s server

Derek Kalea is super cute

kaela dont tell jesse

Derek no i wont.

Kalea im a little smitten on Derek

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:45 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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merron no body knows how i am except Veronica.. and i ahve to keep her close

veronica canada voted us in and we're the ones stirring the pot

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:52 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ryan do you feel that it's red room vs white room

paras oh yeah.. I would say Liv is very smnart and im scared of her.. she just listens and much smarter she leads on

Ryan someojne said she is in law school

paras yeah i heard that.. and i feel taht erica has a good rech.. she has johnny

ryan i think Liv is the most dangerous s and smartest.. you put those 2 together you can have other poeople play for you

paras if you put her up id vote her out

ryan you would

ANdrew ryan's called everyone up but not us.. but the writing is on the wall

hamza this is all your boy ryna's falt.. he;'s never going to get in with them

hamza if we go against the house we'd have more numbers but they are too afraid

hamza Dr if i hear we want to do what the house wants im going to lose my mind

Andrew im going to go listen in on them

hamza i figured nominate myself this way im not getting backdoored

hamza to ryan put me up

Ryan done

ryan asking to be nominated is asking to be evicted.. have you never watched this show ..

ryan you are going up


UgotBronx 03-12-2018 06:58 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ryan im aobut to make my 1st nominations of my career here.. no mater who you nominate you have to deal with the repercussions of that

ryan the house wants andrew up and i have to think of my game.. and the house wants hamza they think of him as the general to Ali's lieutenant

Erica seems to ahve a lot fo friends in the house

oliva as a marathon runner and law school student she is dangerous.. do i stick with what the house wants or do what i want it's a tough decision to make

UgotBronx 03-12-2018 07:01 pm

Re: Aired Show Monday 3/12/18
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Ryan Andrew after the events last week it was a house consensus to be on the block and hamza you came to me and asked to be nominated..

hamza im playing with sheep i decided to nom myself so i can play in the veto i dont want to be back doored

Andrew im going to work hard for the pov.. you are about to see the grizzly bear..

POV Episode Wednesday 7pm ET

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