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UgotBronx 02-12-2019 08:14 am

Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Natalie evicted 4-0

Tamar won Safety comp -Living Art

Lolo won HOH Living Art pt 2

Lolo nominated Tom and Kandi to be on the block

POV players Lolo Tom Kandi Ricky Tamar Dina

Tamar won POV- Cousins

Tamar did not use POV

Tom and Kandi remain on the block and are up for eviction

Tom was evicted 3-0

Wednesday LIVE Finale- One HG will be evicted and joins jury

All 4 remaining HG's will compete to be HOH

Winner of HOH will immediately evict 2 HG's and choose who they want to be sitting next to in the F2

Ricky won HOH - Bats the Musical

Ricky nominated Kandi and Dina to be on the block

Lolo won VETO

Lolo did not use the veto

Dina and Kandi remain on the block and are up for eviction

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 08:16 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
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UgotBronx 02-12-2019 08:35 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
What to know

With Lolo winning the veto, either she will remain loyal to the bedroom alliance of her, Ricky and Tamar or she will make a major move and use the veto to pull Dina down and thus leaving Tamar as the only replacement nominee available.

In regular Big Brother this would be the move she needs to do and then evict TAMAR but this is Celebrity version and the evicted HG's have been home watching the edited version. Some may have watch some feeds and whatever clips they have sought out. THEY ARE THE JURY.

Last year Ross played a very masterful game but then lost at the end for being behind many of the Jury evictions. Also Marissa's social game didn't leave anyone sour.

This season, the alliance room has left many people sour. IF Lolo doesn't use the veto she MUST win HOH to secure her fate in the F2. She can not trust that Tamar will evict Kandi especially since she has used Kandi to get information when Tom/Kato were in the game. She should not trust that she has a secure F2 with Ricky either. Ricky wants to win.Tamar was just as confrontational as Lolo was to others that have been evicted and her DR's are a dead give away on what she really thinks about people. That will make a difference to the jury.

During Ricky's and Lolo's talk about using the veto last night. Ricky asked her that if she wants to use the veto and he puts Tamar up can she handle the drama that might come afterwards and Lolo's reply was yes. This is only because she knows that there is only 1 day of tantrum throwing Tamar. And that is only IF Tamar decides to go in that direction so late in the game.

Tamar did join the Ricky/Lolo veto talk and said she didn't want to go on the block. Lolo said she will think and pray on it.

Lolo wants Kandi out. Using the veto secures that the blood goes on Ricky's hand in a tie. What if Ricky evicts Tamar! He knows physically he'll only have to beat out Lolo. Ricky needs to make a major move to have on his resume and that would be it. Would this give him the votes to win? In regular BB it would but this is Celebrity Big Brother!

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 08:37 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
HG's :zzz:


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 09:16 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Hg's up early


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 10:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
feeds are down to reruns but the hg's are just hanging out on the thumbnails not doing anything yet

9:05am BBT feeds down for possible veto meeting


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 12:59 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Feeds back

lolo tamar ricky in the gold bedroom

Dina talking about her daughter and extensions

Kandi alone in the bedroom facing the wall


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:00 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo one more day

Dina yeah did you pay for extra weight?

lolo no

Dina when i fly it's a production company.. i never get flyer miles.

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:05 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
No clue yet if they just had an hoh lockdown or the veto meeting

general chatter from dina about her kids and what she does as work

Kandi still facing the wall possibly reading the bible

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:10 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
I think kandi might have been studying she put something away and then rolled over smiling to face us

It's possible they only had an HOH lockdown and not the veto meeting

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:13 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina kandi is sleeping she wants a nap. it's a good time.

Tamar is sleeping

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:22 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
lolo alone in the lounge. " im having coffee with Dina, I have to respect the noms, if the nom's want to talk, i will talk. there is no getting around it."

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:27 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina I think you are very sensitive. like extremely. and tom was like he was just banging the table and i told tom that he didnt understand. like tamar hugged me. it scared me a little bit and i didnt know what was going on. and the raising the voices. i think that everything was getting to everyone.. and i wanted to get you alone but i never got the time

lolo what do you thinka tom thinks

dina he really likes you

lolo what about the game play

dina i think you with out natalie and tom with out kato. you are your own person. but she is stronger verbal talking to the guys. and kato with the joking was stronger that tom.. then they dint want me to tell you what was happening. and i was like i didnt know you. but i did see you get upset and that you showed your emotions.. and natalie was guarded.


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:36 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina i jsut felt sorry for you..

lolo let me get you more tissues

dina stops crying and fixes her hair

lolo back.. i spoke to the right people at the time.. and

Dina you cant listen to anyone

Lolo we play in the final HOh tomorrow and tom said the same thing that you are saying that ricky and tamar dont want me in the final.

dian yeah they said that

lolo who does kandi want in the f2

dina im going to be honest with you right here.. and ive said that the person who needs it the most will win and i think that's yo cuz i have heard your hardships

Dina you can read about my stuff. it's out there i dont like to put it out there

Dina: my book is pretty powerful.

Lolo: is it done?

Dina; no we didnt release it at the time cuz my EX tried to stop it.


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:41 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo I like kandi she tells you straight.. but her and tay were fighting

dina and now they are friends. and i was telling tom and she was telling tamar things.. i said that she has to tell me things cuz we were working together

lolo you think that if kandi wins hoh she'd take tamar?

Dina yeah i don't think she has a choice

Lolo if you told me that i would have saved you and you would have been in the final 4. I think that you should tell ricky that..

Dina it;s bigger than the house

Lolo Im telling you it's a conversation that you need to have with ricky. if you would have told me this before i would have saved you


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:44 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19

Lolo you should ahve pulled me to the side

Dina when?

Lolo kandi did right before hand. and what bothers me she doesnt need the money she just wants to win.. she makes more in 2 weeks than i do all year.. and if you would have told me this i would have saved you. i wouldn't save her cuz she aint going to take me and tamar is closer to ricky and im all alone.. you just need to talk to kandi

dina: yeah it's a win win for her

Lolo ricky wants to keep her here.. and the only way you will stay is if you tell ricky the same thing.. i could have saved you and put tamar on the block and send kandi home

Dina let me go talk to him now

Lolo let me go get him

Dina i'll go wiat.

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:45 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo looking for ricky

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 01:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo cant find ricky they think that he's in DR..

Lolo let me tell you that ricky thinks that kandi is jealous of tamar and thinking that kandi willt ake tamar to the ened

Dina i think they will vote for kandi to win.

Lolo and then that means tamar will get 2nd.

Dina i told kato and i think .. like i didnt think about it like that

lolo i can only plead my case when it's time.. but i dont think that ricky will believe what you say and i have been feeling weird energy

diona thjey are tight. and i think she wants it to be her and ricky. cuz then it's a toss up.. and if it's you and ricky you will win.

lolo I think jonathan will vote for ricky

dina: no i will give him a look

lolo: if i took tamar?

Dina it doesnt matter. you'd have natalie

Lolo: kandi would vote for ricky

Dina yeah. , tom and kato would vote for you..

lolo he was mad at me

dina no but over you and ricky..

Lolo what kandi said out there mad me nervous when we got into it.. she said i would get more votes than her

dina: she's full of shit..

Lolo she did that on purpose. and ricky and tay have been offish to me

Dina; i think since you and nat were on the block they were rooting for her.. you are a better athlete

lolo: i kept communications open with tom and they didn't like that .

dina: you are nice like that

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo: I think you have read everyone extremely well in this game and now it's time for you to tell ricky.

Dina: yeah

Tamar up and went into kandi's room and is heading to the bathroom

Tamar pit stops to eaves drop on lolo and Dina

Dina: that was ricky and that was part of his game play. i dont think that he has your back. i think he is intimidated by you. the guys all told me why am im talking to ricky and i said that i like talking to him and tom said that ricky was manipulating all the girls in the room

Tamar goes back to eavesdropping


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:09 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina; ricky was the one that i need to go talk to people

Lolo: tell him that theat he said for you to talk to people. so go talk to him. you gotta let him know

Dina kandi gets him angry when they play chess

Lolo you remove that option lets say me kandi tamar. thee are 2 people that will pick him in teh final

dina; ther is no contedst..

Lolo tell ricky that his best odds are with lolo cuz tay and kanid are going to pick each other. make sure yo say that

tamar keeps going back to eaves dropping

lolo tamar had something for 20 years. you cant break that.

Dina they are still aligned with that argument..

tmar runs to the bedroom

Dina: she will still have people outside in her ear

Lolo: Kandi says she wants the record. of being on the block

LOLo im going to go look for ricky

Lolo bumps into tamar

tamar makes like nothing is going on

Lolo back in.. ricky is still in the Dr so we'll talk later

Dina and lolo hug

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:11 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo to tamar: what was it that ricky said about my speech. something that it was funny?

tamar: i dont know. i think he just said it was funny in the room

Lolo well i felt that he was laughing because i was being gracious to the both of them

tamar i dont know. what's going on?

lolo nothing. i just need to figure things out

tamar figure what out?

Lolo I just need time with the holy ghost and pray.

tamar says nothing

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:15 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
tamar what's going on

lolo I want to make a sandwich and read my bible and pray and i want to have a talk with you and with ricky

tamar heads to kandi's room and wakes her up

Dina follows her in

kandi is just waking up

dina leave

Tamar: im telling you dont trust her (dina) she is telling them she is going against you Im telling you. Do not trust her. she told them to not trust yo.

tamar leaves


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:26 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina told Lolo that tamar was in the room with kandi

Dina sitting close by to tamar

ricky out of DR

kandi in the living room

Dina trying to talk to ricky

Dina when lolo was up there she was like i wish you guys talked to herr and i wanted to talk to her but there were allainces and i ddindt want to butt in.. i tried to get to talk to her the day ebfore with natalie and her .. and nat was kinda glued to her. and theya re friends but i didnt wnat to mess with that and i should ahve. and she was sick last night.. i had a conversation with her before and i was talkinga vbout the 4 left. if it's you kandi tamar and he kandi and tamar are going to pick each other. they ahve a lot of histroy

ricky that is waht you think

dina its what i know

tamar barges in.. and says she is looking for her mic

ricky you dont talk to anyone i talk to everyone

dian: i talk to everyone and i was watching everyone and thier actions and that trells me a lot

ricky ive been talking to people and i knwo what is going on cuz of conversations about it.. you telling me thing that you feel is not useful. tell em waht you want to happen

dina if kandi or tamar win hoh. i think that she will put up tamar

ricky it's not putting up anymore. there is 1 more hoh and that winner will pick a person as the f2..

dina if tamar wins she will pick kandi. i was part of that conversation i got them talking. when kandi leaves here they are going to have to face those other people. i know kandi is a fighter. and she still says. that she doesnt agree with what tamar says happens but for the show they are going to have an alliance together

ricky how can kandi get there is she doesnt make a deal with someone.

dina: i dont know if she did or not

ricky she still has to survive the eviction to get to final 4

dian that is why im here.

rickie have you seen her win anything

ricky ok.

dina i have seen how she is when she wants to win in cards and playing pool

ricky that's what everyone wants to do is win.


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:28 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Ricky everyone had a strategy im not sure what yours was.

Dina well with the alliances

ricky no forget about the alliances..

Dina: i always felt that i was watching more than talking..

ricky what you said got you here

dina: your words helped get me here

ricky im a healer.. that's me. i wanted to come in this space and compete and be true to myself.

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:31 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Dina: the guys were saying that you were manipulating the girls. and i think they were jealous that you were being yourself and not having to do stupid stuff. I saw in yor eyes how you were

ricky; yeah for me im here for those moments..

dina i always knew it wasnt manipulation and i can see paranoia set it.. and when it got crazy with the yelling it got out of hand and i went and got back inside myself..

ricky yelling and screaming was strategy.. people don't want to deal with that

dina yeah kato was pushing that it wasn't necessary.

ricky of course it was strategy

dina she(tamar) does it to an extent and back down

ricky and it saved her

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:35 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo Dina said that you were taking tay to the final.

kandi what?

Lolo yeah she told me that. don't say anything, we are having a heart to heart. i dont want the last 8 hrs in the house to be a nightmare

kandi trust me i wont say anything.

kandi well 1st off that's a lie..

lolo I can see you taking ricky to the f2

Lolo she is talking to ricky right now..

kandi that's a lie

lolo i didnt want to use the veto. it gives you and dina a chance to stay in the 4. what it comes down to people cant say that you didnt play to stay. also it gives the house the ability who they want in the house.


UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:41 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
kandi i want to be smart and not go on emotions . and that was my goal in this game. and that's gfunny with me and her. that night that everyone was trying to get us to vote you out.

lolo that's what dina was saying. was it like murky waters or was ricky/tay trtying to get me out. i refuse to spend my last 8hrs in an argument. i'd like to figure out who i want to take to the f2

kandi tom didnt care he i was pushing for him to get natalie out. and so tamar came to me saying why would i want to get natalie out. and she said that they needed nat to get tom out. and so then tom came to me and didnt say it was you exactly

lolo me and natalie were killing it and i think they were surprised.. ricky said something when i did the speech and he said that's funny and i said that i just wanted to honor those people there and the house

kandi so tom wanted us to tell you that her team wanted her out

lolo i woulda switched so quick. but then when that happened we went to lockdown

kandi they played you so close i dont know if you noticed they never were leaving you alone

lolo dina said that too.

kandi: that is why i asked if you guys had a conversation about who is going. cuz i dodnt know. and i was trying to be honest in the game. i dont want to be a big liar

lolo that is why i want to have this conversation with you. and even if you put that aside. if dian is in the finals that's a nightmare. so if kandi/tay have a f2.. then im not close to tay and ricky.. and this is who do you think about who you can go up agsint and win.. and i didnt know dina's story. im like i cant win now.. and you are right she would have kato jonatha kato

kandi joey for sure.

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:43 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo: i told her to have an honest convo with ricky so im telling you the same. and tay never voted against you and i dont think she is going to now. she said that tay is taking you and you are taking tay.

kandi she put herself in the top 3 by doing that. smart move

lolo smart move..

kandi that was a bold face lie..

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo I hope that tom would forgive me. things escalated in the house but he might look at that DVR and be pissed

kandi i think these 3 are against me. jonathan ryan and joey.

lolo so you are saying that you have an uphill battle cuz you think that the room will vote for me.. and if we are all equal why wouldn't you pick tamar?

kandi to me at least im hoping. that i go up against you or ricky im hoping that she will vote for me. but if i have to pick and i dont pick her she aint voting for me.

lolo yeah

UgotBronx 02-12-2019 02:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 2/12/19
Lolo if you survive this and then you win .. you can win.. like i feel bad for you 4 times on the block. you proven yourself to be a true warrior.

kandi thank you. i still feel it's a gamble for either one.. if tay wasn't in the top 2. i hope to have 3 and convince the others. I would give my speech to convince them

Lolo I see what you are saying now. i still feel that you need to give yorself more credit.

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